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We hope that the information on this site will encourage you to join us on Sunday Morning at our Virtual Worship Service on Conference Call. We start at 10:50 am and the number is :

  Conf. Call #: 425-436-6305

                    P.W.:  3564843 #

                 All are WELCOME !!


      1. Do not announce yourself after 11 am.

      2. Mute your phone *6 during Sermon.

      3. Reach out to our UHPC Family to check

        on them and their family.


The Laryea Family

The Misodi Family

The Laryea-Walker Family

The Atakora Family

The McKayle Family

The Cockcroft Family

Continued Prayers for:

     Henry Siame

     James Campbell

     Freeda Peart

     Gwendolyn Sanders

     Roberto Rivera

     Patience Owno

     Cecilia Annoch

     Etta's Sister-Charlotte

     Norma's Grandson,


     Kwabena Danso

     Felicia Addo

     President Biden

     Vice-Pres. Harris

     Our Nation & Our World

Blessings for:

  Dorothy Edwards' 


  Addie Asante's



                       Kayla Asante


                          of B.P.C.'s 



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121st Anniversary


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 University Heights Presbyterian Church

               Sunday, August 1st, 2021


           Communion  Worship Service

       University Heights Presbyterian Church


  2167 University Ave.       Bronx, New York 10453       718-295-1220/1224                                                                uhpc@msn.com


                          U.H.P.C. -- WE CARE !!

HYMN # 1:

"Now Thank We, All Our God"  #555

 1 Now thank we all our God
With heart and hands and voices,
Who wondrous things hath done,
In whom this world rejoices;
Who, from our mothers’ arms
Hath blessed us on our way
With countless gifts of love,
And still is ours today.

2 O may this bounteous God
Through all our life be near us,
With ever joyful hearts
And blessed peace to cheer us;
And keep us in His grace,
And guide us when perplexed,
And free us from all ills
In this world and the next.

3 All praise and thanks to God,
Who reigns in highest heaven,
To Father and to Son
And Spirit now be given.
The one eternal God,
Whom earth and heaven adore,
The God who was, and is,
And shall be evermore.


HYMN # 2"Fill My Cup" #350

Fill my cup, let it overflow (3x),
let it overflow with love.

Lord, let me be your instrument,
spreading sunshine in the land;
let men see your work in me;
help me live the best I can.

Fill my cup, let it overflow (3x),
let it overflow with love.

It's my desire to live for Thee,
and to always walk upright.
Give me strength to face each day,
stay with me through each dark night.

Fill my cup, let it overflow (3x),
let it overflow with love.



     Community Head Start

        Monday - Friday...8am - 4 pm


 Bronx Presbyterian Churches

~Monthly Meeting~

1st Tuesday of the month



6:30 pm


121st.  Anniversary

Prayer  Vigil





 PLEASE join.......


                     with Rev. Terry Brunson

                        (returning soon)

    Conf. Call # : 

!~U.H.P.C. - WE CARE~




   Sun. Sept. 12, 2021

             2:00 pm

        in-person  and on                        conference call

                     ~~ Order of Service ~~ 

Prelude:“Come, Come Everybody Worship”....2271

                                                  .....Klaus Muller, Organist

Chorus: Come! Come! Everybody worship with a prayer or song of praise.
Come! Come! Everybody worship! Worship God always!

1. Worship and remember to keep the Sabbath day. Take a rest and think of
God; put your work away!

2. Worship and remember the Lord's unending care, Reaching out to love and
help people everywhere!

3. Worship and remember our blessings great and small. Give to God an
offering; show your thanks for all!

4. Worship and remember how Jesus long ago Taught us how to pray to God;
something we should know!

5. Worship and remember God's special Holy Days, Showing us the plan of
God, teaching us His way!

Pastoral Prayer:…….........…Rev. Lonnie Bryant

The Collect:

O God, the protector of all who trust in You, without whom nothing is strong, nothing is holy: Increase and multiply upon us Your mercy; that, with You as our ruler and guide, we may so pass-through things temporal, that we lose not the things eternal; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit, One God, for ever and ever. Amen.

Hymn 1:." Now Thank We, All Our God " ..... #555

Prayer of Confession:…............................. (In Unison)

Almighty God, who art rich in mercy to all those who call upon Thee: hear us as we come to Thee humbly confessing our sins and transgressions and imploring Thy mercy and forgiveness. We have broken Thy holy laws by our deeds and by our words, and by the sinful affections of our hearts. We confess before Thee our disobedience and ingratitude, our pride and willfulness; and all our failures and shortcomings toward Thee and toward our fellow human beings. We pray for Your guidance in helping us to love one another, and to practice peace. Please forgive us for acting like we do not know You God. Have mercy upon us, most merciful Father; and of Thy great goodness grant that we may hereafter serve and please Thee in newness of life; through the merit and mediation of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Assurance of Pardon:

The Lord is merciful and gracious, slow to anger, and plenteous in mercy. He has not dealt with us after our sins, nor rewarded us according to our iniquities. As the heaven is high above the earth, so great is His mercy toward those that fear Him. As far as the east is from the west, so far has He removed our transgressions from us. Siblings in Christ rest assured in Jesus Christ your sins are forgiven. Thanks be to God, Amen.

Announcements:…………………..….Linda Simms-Chin
Quote:…………..……………………….Walter Williams

Prayer for Illumination:..................................(In Unison)

 Let Your Gospel. O Lord, come unto us not in word only but in power, and in much assurance, and in the Holy Spirit, that we may be guided into all truth, and strengthened unto all obedience and enduring of Your will with joyfulness; that, abounding in the work of the faith, and the labor of love, and the patience of hope, we may finally be made partakers of the inheritance of the saints in light; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Scripture Reading:


2 Samuel 11: 26-12: 13a………………..Renea Bush

Psalm 51:1-12…………………………….Brenda Ashiagbor

Hymn 2:……….“Fill My Cup" #350

Sermon" The Bread of Life &

              The Cup of Salvation "

Gospel Reading: (John 6:24-35)

                                …Rev. Lonnie Bryant

Apostles’ Creed:…………………….….…...( In Unison)

I believe in God, the Father Almighty; Maker of Heaven and Earth and in Jesus Christ, His only Son, our Lord; who was conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary, suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, dead and buried; He descended into hell; the third day, He arose again from the dead; He ascended into Heaven and is seated at the right hand of God the Father, Almighty; from hence He shall come to judge the quick and the dead. I believe in the Holy Ghost; the Holy Catholic Church; the communion of Saints, the forgiveness of sin, the resurrection of the body; and life everlasting.   Amen.

Communion Hymn: #513 Let Us Brake Bread

1 Let us break bread together on our knees; (on our knees;)
Let us break bread together on our knees. (on our knees.)
When I fall on my knees,
With my face to the rising sun,
O Lord, have mercy on me. (on me.)

2 Let us drink wine together on our knees; (on our knees;)
Let us drink wine together on our knees. (on our knees.)
When I fall on my knees,
With my face to the rising sun,
O Lord, have mercy on me. (on me.)

3 Let us praise God together on our knees; (on our knees;)
Let us praise God together on our knees. (on our knees.)
When I fall on my knees,
With my face to the rising sun,
O Lord, have mercy on me. (on me.)

Invitation & Welcome to the Lord’s Table
Communion Prayer…………..( INSERT BELOW )

(* Have your Bread and Wine )

Special Prayers / The Lord’s Prayer:…………………

      * Henry Siame, Roberto Rivera, Patience Owuo,          Cecilia Annoh, James Campbell, Etta's Sister-Charlotte,

    Felicia Addo, Gwendolyn Sanders, Norma McKayle'

     Grandson-Christian, Kwabena Danso,

      Freeda Peart Our Nation, President Biden

        and Vice-Pres. Harris   & Our World 

Benediction:…………………Rev. Lonnie Bryant

Closing Hymn:..     "Lord Make Us More Holy"    #536

1 Lord, make us more holy;
Lord, make us more holy;
Lord, make us more holy,
until we meet again:
holy, holy, holy,
until we meet again.

2 Lord, make us more loving;
Lord, make us more loving;
Lord, make us more loving,
until we meet again:
loving, loving, loving,
until we meet again.

3 Lord, make us more patient;
Lord, make us more patient;
Lord, make us more patient,
until we meet again:
patient, patient, patient,
until we meet again.

4 Lord, make us more faithful;
Lord, make us more faithful;
Lord, make us more faithful,
until we meet again:
faithful, faithful, faithful,
until we meet again.


           STAY SAFE & HAVE A          BLESSED WEEK

Thank You,

Elder Etta Graham-Mitchell

Presiding Next Week: 

Elder Etta Graham-Mitchell

Next Elders & Deacons 

Meeting with Moderator,

Rev. L. West

Sat. Aug. 21, 2021

2:00 pm

(Via Conference Call)