U.H.P.C. Presbyterian Women 
                                                  "Daughters of the King"
                                                                            (B'not Ha-Melek) 

“Blessed is she who believed that there would be a fulfillment
                                                                           of what was spoken by the Lord”
(Luke 1:45)


     Forgiven and freed by God in Jesus Christ
         and empowered by the Holy Spirit ,
                     we commit ourselves:​​​​​

- To nuture our faith through prayer and   
   Bible Study

- To support the mision of the church

- To work for justice and peace, and
-to built an inclusive caring ommunity of  
  women that stregthens the Presbyterian
  Church (USA) and witness to the promisse
  of God's Kingdom
Memorial Day 2015 at the VA
​Women's Ministry, Pastor & Members distributing gifts to the Veterans​​.
Memorial Day 2016 at the VA
​Women's Ministry, Pastor & Members
​distributing gifts to the Veterans​​.

End of Heart Health Month 2019
The UHPC's Women's Ministry is currently collecting Back to School Supplies for the Sammon Build Family Center from now until the end of August. Please contact us for more information.